If an ill takes 3 tablets from a doctor and the doctor says to him that he must take 1 tablet, each 30 minutes; Then,
How much time will last that he takes all of them?

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  • I tried google translation section to help me understand the meaning of the question. 

    I think the answer may be like this : It depends on when he starts taking the tablets.

    For example if he starts to take the tablets immediately after he is told by doctor to take them, it'll take him around 3*30 minutes to be through with them (and finish all them).

    If he starts to take the tablets after he's back to home in 50 minutes, it'll be 50+3*30!

    Also the answer may depends on the patient himself too. Maybe he doesn't take the tablets exactly each 30 minutes. Once 10 minutes sooner or later. So the answer is not known!


    It's a really challenging puzzle. Thanks a lot dear :-*

    • Zahra!

      You are very good in solving puzzles and it will help you in your life certainly.

      Google translation is very good for helping.

      I will try to ask next puzzles better that we don’t use any translator except our knowledge.

      Let’s come back to our question:

      If he starts to eat them in a particular time, how much time will take to finish them? [From the beginning time until the third one (=Last one)]

      There isn’t any difference between times that he wants to start. He can start it every time.

      But let’s consider the first situation that you said:

      He can start it immediately too, but 3*30=90 isn’t the correct answer!

      Can you say why?

    • Oh sure! How careless I am ! I would be made fun of if been at a math class!

      2*30 is the answer to the case you said.

      First he takes one which takes no time. After one thirty-minutes he takes another. Then after another thirty-minutes, he takes the last. Through with 3 tablets. 

      I hope that this time, after some failures I could give the answer. But with your many helps and guidelines :(

      Thanks dear


    • Excellent!!

      It is the exact answer.


      Forget about that imaginary class, think about present.

      Really you think that if you answered this question immediately, you would be lovely as much as you are?!

      What important is here, is your admirable trying and a powerful analyzing of problems. These are what can help you in your life certainly.

      The sources of helps are always ready among all of human’s life. Being able to see and use them must be a reason for happiness.

      You did your best so that made me very glad.

  • No time !
    • Zahra!

      My dear Zahra…

      I don’t know why I smile every time that I read your replies in this group.

      A nice smile!

      And its nice is because of your sweet writing or maybe thinking.

      You are right to be afraid! Because it is an IQ test, you are so clever that found it. But its point isn’t in its writing at all. Don’t concentrate about the doctor or patient or even the number of those tables.

      He must eat all of them otherwise he will have many problems!

      Then, don’t you want that we send him again to the doctor?!!

    • Thanks Sahar jan, you make me embarrassed by your kind words.

      OK. Thanks for the guidelines. Let me try again.

      One thing is vague to me and it's the meaning of "last" here. I should pause on that, I guess.


    • So let me stop Kind words, I don’t want to see you embarrassed at all!

  • Maybe you meant the "TAKE" in the beginning of the puzzle!

    I mean the patient has already taken all tablets.

    an ill takes 3 tablets from a doctor

  • I am afraid again it is has a HIDDEN point that I am not still aware! Hmm..Let me pause!



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