• Hello! I have found 43 hexagons. Is it right?

    • Please check the answers!

      You can find a lot of hints there.

      If you check them you can find that I've said the answer is between 24- 30 !

  • A hint!

    It is an odd number.

  • Good Try!
    A little more!

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    • Good!
      Now you are closer, but it is a little fewer!

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    • Good Ahmed!

      It was good try!

      Can you find more?

      You need still some others hexagon.

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    • Hello Ahmed!

      Welcome Back!

      Your answer is so close!

      It is a little more, please try again.

  • Hi... Hi !
  • Yes Mahgol!
    But they are more... Please try again, dear.
    • Oh!

      Sorry Mahgol!


      It is fewer!!

      I mean "شش ضلعی منتظم"!

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