Brilliant answer

A person arrested by a wild tribe. They let him to say a sentence, but they said that if his sentence was true they would burn him in boiling oil! And if it was wrong they would kill him by toxic dart!

The wise person answered brainy that leads to save his life from death!!


What was his answer in your idea?

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  • He can say " I'm a liar "
    • Thank you! I’m so glad that I’m seeing your reply here.

      And also I’m so happy that I’m seeing our question has still replies after its solving.

    • Oh!  I didn't see others' answers !!!!!

      I'm so sorry .

      Zahar's said that before . ... Thank you Zahra !

  • "My sentence is wrong."

    If they claim that it is wrong, then his sentence is true, so "my sentence is wrong" both is true and wrong!!!

    If they claim that his sentence is true, what happens to the original sentence that says his sentence is wrong???!!!!!

    Sort of paradox!


    • Well Done!

      It's true exactly, But dear zahra, which sentence can have this meaning?

      He can't say only "My sentence is wrong". Because after saying that, they will answer:

      -"Yes your sentence is wrong!"

      And they will kill him by toxic dart instantly!

      Dear Zahra, When he says "My sentence is wrong", it means that his sentence is wrong, it doesn't need considering the original sentence again, because it is wrong and it's clear that we don't consider wrong sentence. I mean when he is saying that his sentence is wrong himself there isn't any chance for considernig his wrong sentence.

      Please try to find a fact which have this meaning inside itself.

    • I am a lier !

      If they admit that his sentence is right, then it means that he told a lie since he is a lier, so he is not a lier,but the sentence is a lie then! Paradox!


      If they deny and claim that his sentence is wrong, then it means that he told the truth and he is a lier,but how possible his sentence isn't a lie while he is a lier?! Paradox!


      I am myself confused!!!! Uh!!!! Dear Sahar, helpppppp!!!!


    • My Dear!!

      You are following the right way.

      Your trying made me so happy.


      Now, It's better. But...

      "I'm a lier = My sentence is wrong."


      Let me give you a reward due to your trying.

      Search about a sentence that is a fact. And please choose it according to that wild tribe's sentences. Look for it among their sentences. 

    • My brother gave the answer this way :

      You will kill me with toxic darts!

    • Zahra!


      You are the best in trying! I admire you really.

      And I must also say to our brother, “Well done!”

      Don’t go any island without your brother, please!

      A smart family! I’m so glad that we have all of you here :)

      Let me say the difference between your brother’s sentence and other sentences:

      “I will die with toxic dart”

      If they want to burn him with boiling oil, then his sentence will be wrong. And it’s the paradox that you always said.

      Notice that their action would happen after it, and they won’t be allowed to do that.

      And also if they want to kill him with toxic dart then his sentence will be right. And they can’t condemn him to death by toxic dart.

    • Sth like what our friend, Crane Wang said.


      OK.Let's analyze the sentence. If they claim that his sentence is wrong, then it means they kill him with toxic darts, so he was saying the truth! Paradox.

      If they claim that he is true, it means they would kill him with boiling oil, so his sentence was wrong! Paradox.


      I wish I myself had found the right answer :(

      Anyway, I enjoyed.

      Thanks dear Sahar

      Have a great time


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