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  • verrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyg ggooood dear tanya.thank you verrrrryyyyyyy much .
    goood teacher motivats students. i try all tips you have advised.as iranian people say(chashm=eay).it means i certainly do them. i asked you also about talking to you on skype , is that possible?
  • Dear Cadet! I will gladly talk to you, but some later

  • hi there,

    tanya do you have some free time to take a session with me ??

  • Dear Latif! I have already told  here how to improve listening skills quickly(see the very top of this page, paragraph 5). You can find a lot of other podcasts in the internet. As to songs, the idea is the same. Find a script, read and translate it and then listen to a song as many times as you need to hear each word clearly, like your native language. I tell you, it works! I taught many people this simple techniques , in particular in EC, and they all succeeded. As to movies, I don't really know what to recommend. Actors speak different dialects with different accents, there is a lot of slang, even dirty slang, not to say about idioms and some other "just American" expressions, replies, proverbs, qoutations. I remember, when I just came to the USA about 25 years ago I didn't "hear" TV at all although my English was already very very good that time and I had no problems communicating with people in everyday life. So, I decided not to force myself. Television was on all day long but I didn't pay attention to it and 2-3 weeks later I suddenly caught myself at hearing every word. I remember, I asked myself:"Wow! Are they speaking my native language?" But when I listened to it attentively, I realized it was English. Since then, I began understanding everything on TV. However, I'd like to tell you that even now I sometimes ask my husband about this or that expression and, being a native speaker, he sometimes doubts. Anyway, I think it is a good idea to watch movies with subtitles and to read them only when you don't understand. It is also a good idea to write down such expressions to look them up in a dictionary or ask about their meanings later. To sum it up somehow, understanding movies is not the main goal in learning English. If you understand native English speakers in everyday life, it is already very good. The rest comes with practice.

  • hi
    how can we improve our listening skil?
    hi dear tanya?my problem is listening skill. specially music and film .how can i improve it?i think i have listen it enough.( forgive me please if there are some speling mistakes)
  • Dear Latif! I can't find your comment about your listening problems. Will you give me a link, please?

  • thats kind of you.
    i asked about my problem in listening in Discution part. thank you in advance
  • Dear Latif! No! I always reply, maybe not at once, but not 2 years later (Smile). Just look around! You can always ask me any questions

  • thank you again .when i was leaving my commen i saw that almost all comments were before than 2013.so you surprized me by replying very soon . good teacher thank you
  • Latif, you are 100% right. If we speak English, we should "live" in that culture, so to say. Otherwise, we will always be alians

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Learn English perfect manner

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How to overcome nervous during public speaking?

Next week, I will take part in a public speaking contest. The most things that I am afraid of is my nervous that always overshadows my presentation/speech. Can you give me some advice how to overcome my nervous during my speech?There is also an impromptu speaking contest that more difficult because I have to speak spontaneously about unknown topics.

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Practicing English

Everybody has their own methods to learn English. For the first time, I learn from songs. It is easier for me, cos it is a fun way. I learn vocabularies, grammar and idioms... and also pronounciation. Books gives me a lot of knowledge. The most difficult for me to learn is speaking cos we must have a partner to practice. We can't do it alone. I am a housewife with 3 children, and 2 of them are kids, really so hard to find partner to practice cos of my bussiness taking care of them. My husband…

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