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  • Hi, i am ROKON. I want to develop my speaking skills to talk with you. My skype id is : Rokon.uzzamaneng

  • add me please...here is my skype...didi_rgc

  • Helllo everyone. we all can revise our skills together. Add me peace.bold :skype. You are welcome.

  • skype is: ahmad.jawad840

  • hi my dear.

    I think everything are useful. we should watch English movies without subtitles, read English books (specially the books that have idioms, we read grammars. and I believe that speaking is more important. and composition about different topics is very useful.

    thanks for your discussion.

  • Dear Peace Bold and all other new members of my group! First of all, I believe that you will find EC to be not only useful, but also a pleasant place for spending your spare time.

    Besides, I'd like you all to pay your attention to the following remark.

    EC is an international club. So, addressing any married or not verynyoung woman as  Madam is OK here. However, you should know that in our daily life we use this addressing mostly in official situations or in letters and also in British speaking environment. If a woman is an American or American speaking, it is better to address her as Ma'am.

  • thanks Madam. to Tanya.

  • Helllo everyone. we all can revise our skills together. Add me peace.bold :skype. You are welcome.

  • Hello thanks first for creating this group how can I prepare for Iel ts exam thanks

  • Dear Ramiz, Bruce, Peace Bold, Farid! Welcome to my group! I am sorry, but I rarely chat online. However, I am sure you will find nice interlocutors here. On the other hand, you can ask me any questions on grammar and vocabulary in a written form. I will answer everyone sooner or later. Have good time in EC!

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Learn English perfect manner

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How to overcome nervous during public speaking?

Next week, I will take part in a public speaking contest. The most things that I am afraid of is my nervous that always overshadows my presentation/speech. Can you give me some advice how to overcome my nervous during my speech?There is also an impromptu speaking contest that more difficult because I have to speak spontaneously about unknown topics.

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Practicing English

Everybody has their own methods to learn English. For the first time, I learn from songs. It is easier for me, cos it is a fun way. I learn vocabularies, grammar and idioms... and also pronounciation. Books gives me a lot of knowledge. The most difficult for me to learn is speaking cos we must have a partner to practice. We can't do it alone. I am a housewife with 3 children, and 2 of them are kids, really so hard to find partner to practice cos of my bussiness taking care of them. My husband…

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