Poetry Game!

This game is so much fun! Start and write from 2 to 4 lines and begin with the last letter of the previous line which the poet before you has written.An example of how it should be:Mr-Night :I want the sun to shine on my daysBecause the dark is eating meOnly you my love can help meTake my flower accept meStart with ( E )Engage me with your passionHelp me through this plightFor my vision and my sight is trueMy will and purpose are dedicated to youStart with (U)Undone without your loveI have lost the zest for lifeJust empty shell of woe and strifeRefill my soul before we enter this nightStart with (T)....

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    • Deactivate your image in my mind
      I can't stop thinking of you, your killing me
      all my thoughts are you, you and you
      your love is hurting because I miss you!
  • Even though I am so far away
    I'm happy, I can't wait to be your love
    Now I think about you every day...
    well, I'd kiss and bite your lip above!
    • Even though you are so far away
      You must feel my violent heart beat.
      Even though I know you just play
      I still hope we will one day meet...
    • take my heart hold it in lovely care
      you'll see it makes you company
      so that you can smile everywhere
      and I'll think of you two as my family...
    • "Yes" I said when heard : "will you marry me?"
      "Yes" I said when heard "will you love me forever?"
      So, where are you my love?... your eyes I want to see...
      You simply vanished...leaving me in the greatest pain than ever...
    • Right now I'd love to hug you and tell you the same
      sweet and nice, you deserve the good... everyday!
      But tell me, why do you bring the evil's name ?
      Hey! Is that the reason that the other ran away?
    • Yet I strive to hold your tender hand
      To feel the warmth of your body
      They say the time my wound will mend
      But I know I will never love anybody.
    • You cannot claim that. Yes, one day
      I said to you: time passes, deletes everything...
      But now, honey, I tell you in another way:
      Well, listen your heart... it's not there for nothing!
    • Go on, torture me more
      Anyway, who cares?
      Life I want to explore
      Until my soul again flares...
    • So fast your reply ... alright, I say more ...
      If I were there, woman, I'd kiss your hand.
      Yes, I think I'll show you my secret core...
      Honey, I'd write "I love you ", on Dnepr's sand!
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