This is a group for peace-makers worldwide. I believe you are the one. Join in and stay proactive!
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  • of course Myth ..........
  • Dear Sami, thanks for kind words.
    I am glad that the topic of peace proved to be interesting for EC members from all over the globe.
    Life is too short to waste our precious time fighting.
  • Hello to all member here ,
    dear Irina your group sounds great , i really enjoy taking part here and discuses about social matter here and also talk about peace which is one important of them .
  • It is nice to see you again, in this new group,

    May be in the world there are more point of view than 2, for example, not only black and white, o war and peace, probably we need to redefine our concepts, conforme our facts.
    In every region, continent o country there are conflicts that they define our development.
    May be it is necesary to know them.

  • Dear Irina worled peace is a great and a kind of impossible goal but we should try for achieveing - I'm very happy trying to learn english and being one of this groop
  • Hello, Everyone! I am very happy you find the group interesting.
    Of course it's a very controversial issue.
    It's very good to hear your opinion here, so feel free to share!
  • I love this topic, it's very interesting and hard. I want to give my opinion now, but this is very complex issue. I will gather information and write my idea on this group.
  • Thanks for your comments and pictures, Friends!
    I agree with Bill the English Teacher on the point that peace making is an issue that is quite dependent on each individual. We can certainly impact others and this will all eventualyly add up and help people keep the world tolerant and peaceful.
  • I think world peace is a fantasy that will never be achieved perfectly. But world peace is also a dream that should motivate us to try to create as much peace as is possible in the world. Just because it is not attainable 100% does not mean we should give up on it.
    As long as human nature has its greedy side, as well as intolerance, ignorance, fearfulness and selfishness, violence and war will be with us in various parts of the world. I feel I am neither a pessimist nor an optimist, but a realist who hopes for good and peace. Peace starts with each individual and adds up when all our efforts are counted. So I think I try to encourage tolerance, knowledge, openness, altruism and courage in my small circle that I call my life. As an individual I cannot affect the whole world, but I can certainly be a peace-maker within the influence I have on others around me.
  • Hi, Irina! Nice to see you here again. I haven't heard from you for so long. It is a great topic. I will write something when I have got some spare time.
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Peace vrs War

I like discussions where people express opposite opinions and try to defend and ground their ideas. But as to this topic, I want to believe you will not be opposite to my point of view that is: I hate war and violence. I can accept 18th-19th century wars for division of the world territories, wars for colonies' liberation, American war for Independence and some others. At least, there were reasons and there were no other ways to solve those problems that time. However, I can't and will never…

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The Peace Quote That You Like.

There are tons of peace quotes on the Internet. I personally seem to love them all.We will all be happy to read the quotes that you have found too. Please share here! :)Peace be with you!With every true friendship we build more firmly the foundations on which the peace of the whole world rests.- Mahatma GandhiSource:

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