We reap as we sow

This is a very good idiom that talks about how should we behave and act. This is based on the process of harvesting. When we sow the seeds of roses, we are bound to get roses only as plant. It is not possible to get oranges, by planing mango seeds.

Likewise, we will grow up as per the treatment given to us by parents, teachers and society around & our children will also grow as per treatment given to them by us. It is seen in many countries that the rulers have sown bad seeds,and these countries are suffering from years together. This idiom stands true every where, for companies, for families, for institutions, for countries and for universe.

It is definitely in our hand to decide what type of seed I HAVE TO SOW based on WHAT TYPE OF LIFE I WISH TO SPEND at present and in future.

bad seed will produce bad plants and trees and the vice-versa.  

Enjoy !

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  • I know a little child who said bad things to his mother.You know that we reap as we sow (It was just a sentence :D )

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