Make ends meet

Some idioms give us insight and we can use them to take up some social or personal challenge. This one comes under such category.The meaning is to have just enough money to satisfy basic needs of life. It is connected to the poverty in human life.Example - (1) My job is new. I am earning just to make ends meet. (This means that I really cannot spend money on luxuries and comfort or I cannot help any one financially). (2) Since there is recession, people are finding it difficult to meet their ends meet. (here the phrase become `to make one's end meet`).When we use this phrase, there is a feeling of understanding pains of such people who cannot make their ends meet and can think of doing something for them. For the person who is in such position, he / she must think of building skills and competencies to improve the financial position.Enjoy !sunil

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  • Sakshi, welcome ! This is what is expected. Start practicing and you will get what you want in terms of skills.

    Enjoy !

  • Thank's really useful..:)

    • Thank you for the complements..keep enjoying this group..

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