When the sun feels lonely.

The universe with its beauty and mystery goes on in such a way that each participant has a role to play and rules to follow, to make life continue. But when one of the nature parts decides to break up the rules... see what would happen!One day, the sun rose as usual in the morning and looked at the earth.. people come and go like busy ants.The sun wandered if those people are happy living together in harmony, The sun was alone there.. very far.. no friend to be with .. no one to fill that empty space.. just feeling lonely in long and boring days.. sits waiting for the time to restart again every evening ..then starts the process.. over and over again..Like if going in an endless circle all its life ...but nothing else to break up the feeling of loneliness ..At the end of the day, the sun noticed some people joyfully, sitting by the sea shore, looking at the sunset and smiling to it..

OH! said to itself:" A warm smile in a cold day!"What a lovely and unusual moment to end up the day, as a gift offered to taste the flavor of having a friend."But they shouldn't have smiled to me!" thought suddenly ." I live so far and no one cares of me".The sun looked again, Oh yes, they are smiling at me !Without thinking, the sun decided to go to them....It started getting closer and closer again!Happy to come to them, the sun didn't realize that the laws of the universe are being broken up!

People started running everywhere, shouting and seeking for a safe place to stay away from the hot sun rays..Go away! Go away! they said.But the crazy sun was falling down.. down..and down again.. Happy to meet new friends!The trees started burning, the water was boiling and people were falling dawn on the ground....Suddenly the sun stopped .... Wandered what was happening to them!Looking at them with great sadness and hate.The sun decided to leave the role offered by nature, hurt by people's behaviour... while offering them friendship, they were running far away...Suddenly the sky turned to dark, the sun's anger was seen through the coulour of the sky.

"I have no place for me on earth!" disappointedly thought the sun. "Better to leave and never come back again."As soon as the sun left the earth with the promise to not come back again, the atmosphere changed and the weather was disastrous.

The further the sun went off the earth, the humanity started suffering...No sunshine..no light.. no warmth.. no happiness..Panic on earth!Hopeless thoughts for a better life appeared now that the sun left forever.All tries came in vain people were dawn, lost with fear.Then they decided to pray for the coming back of joy, tender and love that was brought by the sun in every morning day..They gathered the same day, at the same time in diffrent places in the world, lighted up canddles in their hands and prayed..prayed.. and prayed again..

Like they were one voice.. one breath..one melody coming from the heart..The sun standing very far.. hidden from them.. heared the pray as a music sound in the air and delightedly thought:Oh! I am not alone..People are saying my name..I won't feel lonely ..Now, I have a reason to shine..With the love of humanity..I will be happy to be alive again..

Please my friends, let the sun shine in your lives.....Thank you, dear Tara for giving me the right to break the laws.A special thank to my dear friend Pankaj,for the use of his mervellous pictures and my teacher and spiritual friend Fa.

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  • wow grate.really creative.
  • Good to read. Didn't expect this kind of story.
  • Hey, then was it the Sun speaking in the end?
  • Hi Achan. You know I meant purposely to personalize the sun by usingshe instead of it. To make it as a metaphor of humans' loneliness. Thank you my friend for your comment.
  • Yes, indeed Lamegogo, PANKAJ is a gifted photographer all his work is wonderful.
  • Thank you Adam Smith for dropping by. I write from my heart and emotions are my ink.
  • So happy that you liked my story Aang. The photos inspired me.
  • Pleasure is mine dear sister Nadira.
    when we recieve love we give it back happily.
  • Dear friend mouath, next time you will look at the sun differently. ... with emotions
  • LOL vindos, not me who broke rules but the sun.
    Thank you.
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