Welcome all to my group. I am fond of photos and always jump to my camera to keep memories of any important event; whether happy, funny or sad. In this group, you will be able to choose a photo and tell its story. So we can combine learning with fun.
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Welcome to stories immortalized with photos

Time passes and life continues its road. There are moments that we cherish the most and want them to stay a long life time but we can not stop time nor keep that moments alive longer.
So memories are what is left from all.Even sad we keep them inside us.
It will be great if that moments are immortalized by photos or videos so that we can check at any time we want.
Another thought, we read and watch on tv awesome stories; miracles, challenges or emotions. It might be a funny story too.
So for those who are fond of photos and stories, here in this group you can share your stories melted in photos.

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  • Welcome dear Anne, Anis, Aisha and suphattra. I hope you will be active in this group.
  • thank you Nabia to invite me to join your group I 'm not good for photo but I try my best if I have some photos I 'll share with our group..
  • Thank you all my friends for your comments I hope you will be motivated for writing in a funny way.
  • it is very interesting
  • Thank you for inviting me to your gorgous group,dear Nebia!
    I am fond of photos,especially those old ones,that were taken back in the time of our grandparents,or prior.
    Watching them,I have a feeling that those pictures could capture ephemeral moments....
    Congrats for your successful group!
  • Hi Nebia.. thanks for the invitation \(^-^)/
  • Welcome to all my friends!
    WOW! the group is growing up so nicely as a mushroom, lol!
    tHank you for supporting my idea, my friends.

  • Awesome idea!
  • Great idea dear Nebia, thanks for the invitation, don't know if i am good for stories, but i will do my best.
  • Hi nebia
    Thanks for your invitation
    It is a nice group
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losing the ground, living near the seaI know her like knowing the lightShe is similar to fish can not breathout of loveShe loves to be a bird among trees of friendsI know her very wellShe tears melodies when she is misunderstoodOne day, some friends left, she digged the ground,cried loud to get them backWhen she made sure they are safeshe took her love luggage toolsand left to rest.A warrior needed a restThat was someone  Callednebia .  

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Help!...Someone help me!........ He's trying to kill me!........ (Read on your own risk)!

Disclaimer : This is a silly short story written by me to practice my English. I don't know how to write a story? So don't complaint after reading that I wasted your precious time. Also the story is full of mistakes, so read it on your own responsibility, because after reading my story, you might forget the English you already know!Not very long ago I was living in a garden, full of beings like me. There were colors and fragrances all around.I was born in that garden, in fact. I was so happy…

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Once upon a time,there was fa.I wanted to strew all I had,but she always goes to the walland searches for myself-writtenand unearths my lines,she would say " this is not you in all my papers! "so I changed my pens and masks ,hoping she would not pass next to my aches,for that she would not read me.Should I write her name in the blanks left by someone's bleeding of pain.But again,I would tear my aches out, she would know it was me.For the fear of the reproaches,my ears buzzing from the misery…

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When the sun feels lonely.

The universe with its beauty and mystery goes on in such a way that each participant has a role to play and rules to follow, to make life continue. But when one of the nature parts decides to break up the rules... see what would happen!One day, the sun rose as usual in the morning and looked at the earth.. people come and go like busy ants.The sun wandered if those people are happy living together in harmony, The sun was alone there.. very far.. no friend to be with .. no one to fill that empty…

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