Let me present my pet to you. My puppy.

I have got two cats and a puppy. Let me introduce my dog first. It's a Yorkshire terrier that will become a small dog.The puppy has got a fine, silky coat. In comparison with many other breeds, Yorkies do not shed their coats to the same degree, so they are hipoallergenic.Here she is:

At this photo Vivi is about six months. She is gnawing a kind of artificial bone.My pet was bought in Poland. Why in Poland? The answer is simple and maybe unexpected - because in this country different things, food, pets and all that stuff cost cheaper than those ones in Russia!Vivi is incredible friendly and lively! She never walks, but always runs as if she is preparing for dog race! Her favourite game is hide-and-seek. In her opinion, all the creatures are her close friends!

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    • Hi Ramona,

      Thank you for reading! It's great you liked it! I wonder, what kind of pet  you have got? :)


  • Hi Natasha,

    I would like to show one of my pets, she is Ebo, she´s a mini hamster, she is two years old, she is so cute and little. so I can´t play a lot with her because she loves run away all the time when I put out  of  the cage  :).



    • Hi Lucy,

      I looove your pet! It's so funny! Watching her gives a joy and good mood! Does Ebo run along that round thing?

    • Hi Natasha,

      Yes, she does!  she eats in a run wheel, for exercise in a cage. Also she has a tunels and she loves run back and forward all night long, hahaha. Thanks for ask.

    • Lucy, my two cats do the same thing: they like to run at night. BTW, you take good care of your pet! :)
  • Hi, Natasha! Nice to meet you and your dog, Vivi! She is really cute like all Yorks. As a matter of fact, their hair is almost like ours. They don't shed it and its structure is close to ours. Besides, it is so great to see such a small creature that behaves and feels like bigger dogs. I wish her long happy dog's life and nice puppies.


    Well, I'd like to tell about my youngest cat. It was born as a male cat and he was that way till the age of about 6th months. But later on, he started changing his gender and became a female! When I noticed something wrong in his development, I took him to a veterinarian and the latter said that it may happen with cats if their parents are relatives or because of the pollution. So, HE became SHE. And now, She reached the age of sexual maturity and behaves as a female cat! I wouldn't have believed that if I haddn't seen the Discovery programm, where polar bears changed their gender! What is going on with our planet?!


    Anyway, my youngest cat, Kuzya, is one of the best cats on the Earth! SHE is so smart and intelligent, she always behaves, and she is easily-educated. She is my friend as well as her mother who also lives with me. 2380625436?profile=original


    • Hi, Tanya! Pleased to meet you and your cat! It's incredible story! I've never heard of such a phenomenon! Your cat is very cute!  Kuzya is smart, because she always behaves. BTW, I also have two cats!

  • I like kittens at all  :P
    • Adnan, hahaha! Look at my page, if you don't feel lazy!
  • Andriana, thanks for your nice words about my and your dogs!

    BTW, here you can see a lot of my answers to people's comments that were deleted, because these members had closed their accounts. Now they have returned to MyEC.

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