Whether you are going to pass the IELTS test or you are simply willing to raise your spoken skill,its a good idea to find a partner and share the ropes,that is,Skype is perfectly perfect for the goal..
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  • Name: maru jesus
    Gender: female
    SkypeID: maria7maldonado
    Country: Argentine
    Time Zone: GMT-3
    Date of Exam: After March
    Current Score in Speaking:  I´m not sure
    Target Score in Speaking:  I´m not sure
    Current Overall Score: I don´t know
    Overall Target:
    Time of Availabilty: Mondays to Fridays, early in the mornings

  • Name: Nitin
    Gender:   Male
    SkypeID:   nitinmaghade
    Country:  India 
    Time Zone: India Time Zone (UTC+05:30)
    Date of Exam:
    Current Score in Speaking:
    Target Score in Speaking:
    Current Overall Score:
    Overall Target:
    Time of Availabilty  At sometimes in a day and after 6 pm i am free for talking

  • Name: praveen kumar
    Gender: male
    SkypeID: praveenkumarrachuri
    Country: India
    Time Zone: +5.30
    Date of Exam:march 13th 2014
    Current Score in Speaking:5
    Target Score in Speaking:6
    Current Overall Score:5
    Overall Target:6.5
    Time of Availabilty:allways

     i want improve my speaking reading and listing.............friends help to me ..............

  • Name: Fernando
    Gender: male
    Country: Brazil
    Time Zone:3+

  • Name: babul ray
    Gender: male
    SkypeID: babul.ray
    Country: india
    Time Zone: UTC+05:30
    Date of Exam: FBR, 2014
    Current Score in Speaking: 3
    Target Score in Speaking: 6
    Current Overall Score: 4,5
    Overall Target: 6
    Time of Availabilty: all time.

  • I want to improve my speaking english,also want to know different country different culture.Have anyone who are interested to chat with me  

    My skype is "eiaser.arafat"

  • Hi

    I like to improve both listening and speaking.

    add me on skype please.id: piniker.kiden

    thanx for ur attention.

  • Hi

    I like to improve both listening and speaking.

    add me on skype please.id: piniker.kiden

    thanx for ur attention.

  • Name : Muhannad


    Skype ID: muhannad.temween

    Country: IRAQ

    Time Zone:+3

    Date of Exam:

    Current score in speaking: 5

    Target score in speaking: 7

    Current overall score:5

    Overall Target:7

    Time of Availability:

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