• Thank you dear Sinderellasal for your nice sentence.

  • Thank you dear Hamideh!

    I agree with you completely.

  • actuly this is a hadees shareef so id rather not doubt the accuracy of the saying...

    n i think much depends on how do u interpret ''love''....i never found this ambigous...this is perfectly perfect...u learn wisdom when u fear things...for feard his death so he invented ways to liv longer...he feard animals in de he invented weapons...wat do u think wisdom is?? lets not misunderstand ,fear, love n wisdom...there might b more to the meaning den ur own ideas.u fear god coz u lov him ...u fear his anger not only bcoz he can punish u but bcoz u want him to b happy wid u ...

    • Thank you dear Saarah for your complete explanations.

  • :)

    Thank you so much, Sinderella! You made me relaxed!!

    Now, I know that I will stay in your heart forever!




    Dear Sinderellasal

    I’m sure that you can remember their trying when they want to make you happy. They tried to do their best because of your attention. They were afraid of missing love in your heart about themselves in that time. So, they were very careful about their action when they were in your class. That fear wasn’t because of forgetting from you. In fact it was only because of their action.

    That fear isn’t a bad thing what you are thinking, my dear. It is a need exactly.

  • ''If an angel associates with a demon, he/she will learn from him fear, fraud and hypocrisy.''

    I had red the above in GULESTAN (SADI).


    And, whoever associates with Sinderella will definitely learn LOVE, whether that is Love of God or Love of mankind.


    i wish i had a chance to get a philosophy lesson from you with regards to the above subject.

    • SADI is a big poet. But your sentence is nicer!

      Thank you.

  • Dear Sinderellasal

    Did you know that all of those little angels in your class loved you and they were afraid of missing love in your heart about themselves?

    It’s that fear.

  • there re many ...

    fear of god is de beginning of wisdom...


    i lov this more den any other thing i ever heard in my life....ofcourse except quranic verses...

    • Thank you, dear Saarah.

      It is very wisely.

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