• Life would have been more beautiful if... death was at least five hundred years away from everyone of us. it is too short, for some it is just a few seconds, some even never get the chance to breathe outside of their mothers' wombs.

    Sahar, this is a nice subject, and one can talk or write for ages and ages about it and would wish and wish and wish, but unfortunately wishes always stay as wishes and we depart with our chests full of wishes that never came true.

    So, enjoy your life as much as you can and make it beautiful for yourself.

    • Hi dear Tofaan!

      Nice seeing you again.

      This subject is nice but full of regret becuase it means that life isn't more beautiful now. Mayb it needs that we start other discussion in this field.

      Life is more beautiful because....

      Because death is much more five hundred years away from us when we enjoy it as much as we can and make it beautiful for ourselves at every moment as you said. In this way every moment will last for us much longer. A memory will stay in our minds more than some years even if the time of its happening takes a few seconds.

      If breathe outside will make life more beautiful for a newborn then going outside the world will make life more beautiful for us too.

      Fortunately wishes often stay as wishes and our chests full of wishes will have new life again. every wish has a very strong power for refreshing.


      Your comments are always so nice. I like reading them.

      Thank you, I will try to make life beautiful certainly.

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    • Thank you Fief.

      It is a good idea.

      I hope that we are able to do it.

  • could live in the present time and do our best in the present time.
    • So, I hope that life will be more beautiful certainly.

      I agree with you exactly.

  • We can change it easily.

    Let's try...

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