• well...i think sometimes we go too far when telling jokes....first of all ,there shud be no touch of valgarity in a joke...i dont care much for the ones,called..dirty  jokes...thers nothing funny in them...then..u find jokes about certain communities, i think dats not fair...(though i privitly enjoy blonde jokes..:D)..the other day i read a joke about islam....not dat i founddat offending coz i m muslim but it was totally unfair...there shud be sm difference betwen harmful lies n jokes...
    • Thank you so much, dear Saarah for your reply.

      Unfortunately we aren’t careful about these jokes. I remember that I was with my friends, and one of them wants to make us entertain. She started to say some jokes. But she didn’t pay attention to what she was saying. She was saying some jokes about a group of people that one of the other my friends belonged to it. That person who belonged to that group tried to not show her sad. But after it, she said to me that she suffered so much about it.

      It isn’t good that we want to make others happy by wrong actions. Even if we have the nicest meaning but using wrong way will hurt that certainly.

  • I hope too.
  • Sorry I couldn't get it correctly!

    Humor = Salt and Joke = Spice or

    Humor = Spice and Joke = Salt?!




    It was an interesting simulation! Thank you so much for it.

  • Oh! Dear Anis…

    I’m so sorry for hearing that. I’m hope that he is in peace now.

    Some times we didn’t know the value of people who are among us, but as soon as they will leave us we understand that how they were precious for us. When I came to the English Club, you were the first person who attracted my attention to yourself, but I missed your name…

    I searched everywhere for you, But you weren’t anywhere.

    Now I’m so glad that we have you here again.

  • Thank you, dear friends. All of your answers are good. I read all of them.

    But now, please tell me what your idea is about jokes that are made about special groups.

  • You have got the ingredients absolutely spot on, and i am not going to add or take anything out. It will simply spoil the taste.
  • Anis,


    First of all i would like to offer my sincere condolences for the lost of that brilliant friend.


    You have mentioned that he was making everyone laugh and feel happy. I say, what can be better than that!!! But, what really saddens me, is that people like that leave this world much quicker than the ones, who make people cry. I wish it was the other way around.

    روحش شاد و يادش گرامى باد

  • I think it depends on situation and the people whom we are talking for. For sure humor is a very effective way to say somethings and sometimes it is including some thoughtful points.
    • Yes, I agree with you.
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