• nothing yet T_T
    • Nothing yet?! Nothing!!

      But that Cup was a solution that you broke it soon!

    • NOOOOO...hey dear is not only mine indeed...but not for darius as well >:( thses are me and you and sinderella and mayumi and anis and etc that have made this grate discussion...Darius is just a allegation:(

      My God...:'(

    • Maybe an ALIGATOR !    :->
    • no wonder :D lol
    • Alligator**

    • lolzzzzzzz
    • Allegation?!!

      Really, Are we just an allegation?!

      But you aren't just an allegation for me dear Reyhaneh :)

    • between me and you sahar and don't tell any one are not allegation for me too but darius IS :D
    • Sorry?!
      Finally I couldn’t get what you saw exactly!
This reply was deleted.