• id consider smone my fend if n when id ve no hesitation teling them anything..when i can be them far i ve never had a real frend..

    i think to become frendz ,mutual understanding is de key point.n then id never b smone;s frend if i dont like dem..

    but then again i m not frendz wid ppl i like..there re few in my life i like a lot ,stil dey re not my frend...

    i think its not always bcoz of others dat u cant be frendz..smtimes its ppl find it hard to share themselves wid b opn wid ppl...actuly a lot dependz on how do u define frendship? if frend means just a chat buddy..or smone who is more.

    • That was a nice idea. Thank you Sarrah !
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    • Wow !!!

      Very nice ! Thank you Kimia!

      You said your idea in a very nice way with nice words. The style of your writing shows that you know well all the things you are going to write.

      And your idea is really meaningful and you said that thoughtfully.

  • WOW! Too many lines to answer just two llines! But unfortunately, I am not that patient to read precious replies of friends here! Anyway, it's very interesting that we, human beings, start from simple questions and go and go and go so that we find many many answers and facts. Simple questions guide us to a forest full of trees, beauties and even wild life!

    Good questions, I took a look to some replies, my answer may be the same. 

    Well, as one of my friends nicely mentioned, some people are friends simply because they know one another. We could be friends with many others if we had the chance to meet them and get to know them. Human beings have many in common; good excuses for friendship.

    Yet, we know some people, but we are not friends with them; we even may be their enemies.Why? Since they don't respect us and our beliefs. I think we all like to be respected,isn't it like that?

    I don't want to go further. Just wanted to leave a note. Yet, there is a lot to

    We are friends with some since:

    We have similarities; we back one another; we are helpful to one another; even we may lack some good characteristics that exist in the other party of our friendship circle; and so on!

    I really liked Reyhaneh's view that we are friends since we know one another! Really nice!

    Thanks for the topic.

    • Thank you for reply Zahra!

      We've seen some people who are not similar and maybe they are completely different but they are friends. We've seen some people who are similar but they are not friends.

      There is an important question . Who is the most similar one to us ? Of course it is ourselves , but are we the best friends for ourselves ?

      We need to see reflex of ours on the others' hearts .

      How do we think about a mirror which reflect us badly , too bad to be able to know ourselves there ?

      what could be our feeling as we find out it is doing it sinisterly ? it is enmity.


    • Let me say 2 points here:

      1-Why can't we be the best friend for ourselves?

      Did I get your idea correctly? You mean that we can’t be the best friend for ourselves?


      2-About some people who aren’t similar to us, I want to say that we may search for some one who isn’t similar to us because the friendship of 2 persons who aren’t like each other can help them to be closer to a complete person, because their behavior can be complementary.

    • I mean it is a truth that our behaviors are following our hearts but sometimes we can't follow it well and there are so many factors which can affect and direct our behaviors not to follow our hearts.

      It is possible we are doing some behaviors but our hearts are something else  It can reflect  other hearts without thinking about behaviors.

    • All of hearts aren’t shiny enough.

  • i think some people r our friends because they KNOW us and some one are not because THEY MIGHT KNOW OR NOT KNOW us.some special characteristics determin if a person atract us or beauty,similariry,having some special skils and behaviours and etc.all of these determind if someone who KNOWS us become our friend or step away from us.
  • Dear Sinderella


    The first stage for cleaning is this that we must be aware about impurities.

    But how can we be aware about it?


    Let’s start from the beginning:

    In the first, God has given us a pure heart full of beauties inside it. It was such a shiny that every dust liked to make it a place for itself. Heart couldn’t protect itself against them. So, it needs that a defense system companies it. God knew it well, so he sent mind with it. As time went by, heart became shinier, so it needs that mind be alerter.

    Whatever we try to increase our information and learn more, it helps us to keep our hearts shinier and away from every dust.

    But here, the question is this:

    Which information?

    My dear, we must know about those dusts well, to could protect our hearts.

    We can use our mind in this field, and also our friends who are able to show us impurities.

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