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  • Those who seriously want to SOLVE your PRONUNCIATION PROBLEM once and for all, please contact me on Skype. It will take you only ONE MONTH to achieve that goal. Upon completion, you will able to pronounce all the words listed in the dictionary accurately even without listening to any online / offline audio pronunciations at all. Isn't that what you've been trying to achieve all this while but to no avail? Now is the time to make it happen.

    My Skype ID ...: live:gabrielsowrian
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  • Before I go to my next class, I want to add to this discussion.  TOEFL preparation books are very similar to those for IELTS and will be useful if you get a chance to study them.  Both tests are for high level academic English and include, LISTENING, READING, WRITING and SPEAKING.

    Likewise, IELTS books are good to help prepare for TOEFL. Anything that strengthens these areas of English, teaches you new words and teaches how to prepare for test questions is helpful.

  • I just saw the preparatory books that Bassam has. They are a set from "Barron's Educational Series".  They look very useful and give a lot of helpful advice.

  • You are most welcome, Annisa.

  • Thanks for Approve me, I hope I can Learn more here,..
  • IELTS Basics - Introduction to the IELTS Exam

  • IELTS & TOEFL Vocabulary - Technology

  • IELTS - How to get a high score on Task 1 of the IELTS

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IELTS Speaking: Questions with Answers…

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Youtube Videos for IELTS Preapartion

EnglishRyan: Ryan's IELTS IELTS HelpHoda Rezaeian: Go IELTS PODCASTAustralia Network - Study English - IELTS Preparation: Series 1Australia Network - Study English - IELTS Preparation: Series 2Australia Network - Study English - IELTS Preparation: Series 3Australia Network - Study English - IELTS Preparation: Passport to EnglishIELTSanswersiPass IELTSRobert Lewis: IELTS videosIELTS Writing VideosEDU IBESTAcademicEnglishHelpEducation @…

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New IELTS Listening: Effects of Tourism

DIFFICULT WORDS AND EXPRESSIONS IN THE LISTENING1. Boon: benefit; advantage. 2. Bridge the gulf: reduce the distance between things, such as attitudes.3. Consequences: basic beliefs that affects other ideas or views.4. Easy money: money that takes little efforts or work to get.5. Grasping: greedy; selfish.6. Hideousness: ugliness.7. Intercepted: stopped something before it reached its destination or target.8. Mindsets: attitudes; definite ways of thinking about the world.9. Monstrous shells:…

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