Do you love watching and making videos? Are you a visual learner? Watching and making English videos are absolutely great ways to improve our listening and speaking skills.

This group is created for those who have enthusiasm about videos, or have enormous interest in watching videos to learn and teach English. This is also an extension of our video gallery where we can talk about various topics, from the latest self-made videos of our friends to music videos or educational videos of our virtual teachers. It would be exciting to discuss different ideas, video apps and tips to help one another to be able to produce our own clips, and at the same time practicing our English.

Have you heard of video-blogging or video-messaging? You can share it here and inspire others to help them improve their self-confidence in speaking the English language.

Please make sure to upload videos with proper content, and as much as possible have helpful information that would benefit EC learners develop their skills. You can challenge your friends to make their self-made videos too and share it in our video gallery.

"Let's learn English through videos".

Don't forget to add a discussion pertaining to videos!

Thank you for joining! Cheers!

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  • Hi my dear, Ha!

    Thank you for joining this group! EC members are all welcome here as long as they have the enthusiasm to learn English using video clips from our site and on YouTube.

    It's great to hear that you enjoy watching videos to improve your English skills. How overwhelming to realize the endless possibilities on what social networks can provide in terms of learning English! I think it's up to us if we can use them in a nice way.

    See you around,

    Robbie : )

  • Learn and understand a tricky lesson about indirect questions from Teacher Vicki! Enjoy watching! : )

  • Would you like to learn tips on how to speak English confidently? I recommend you to watch this video from a very creative member of our club! Enjoy! : )

  • Greetings Video Enthusiasts! Have you watched Selvakumar's debut video on our club? If not, here it is! Enjoy! ☻

  • Thank you Ehab for that wonderful video! Great job! I would like to invite you, as well as our fellow video enthusiasts to join our latest video challenge! See you there!

    Have a great weekend! ☺

  • Hello Video Enthusiasts!

      Have your say on Dean's video about grammar. Thanks!

  • Welcome to MVE, Mohamed Fasloon! Thank you for joining! ☺

  • Hi Ehab!

      Welcome to MVE! Thank you for joining this group. It's great to see you here since I know you're a video enthusiast as well. Your warm comment is highly appreciated. I do hope many EC learners and teachers will join our group.

      Please don't hesitate to share your own videos on our group. ☺

      Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

    See you around,


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