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Hello guys :) 

At first I would like to say many thanks to all who joined this group :) I'm glad to have You here ;) 

This is the place where you can ask Your questions about IEL(International English Learning) and I will do my best to answer!

See You around


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  • Hello teacher Aija, thank you so much for your effortd in thiss helpful  group :) I have many questions; one of them is:             when I can use dash with adjectives?? 


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  • Dear Aija,

    My skype was broken by some bad problem from my PC, so I'd like to join here, it's such a very interesting topic. I also have the question for you today

    What's the difference between shadow and shade and how they should be used?

    Thanks a lot in advance!

    • A shadow is a silhouette coming from any object covering a light. 

      Shade is the darkness made by the sunlight. 

    • Many thanks dear Teacher Joe for your explanation. But they would be easier for me to quite got if you could please give me some examples. I'm confused in using them.

      Best wishes!

  • hello , im new here , what should i do to take part in skype clasess ?

  • Teacher Aija,

    What is the difference between SPECIALLY  and  ESPECIALLY.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Eventhough it was taught when I was a child that ESPECIAL stands for an extraordinary effect on any action: "I need to pay especial attention to this class", and SPECIAL stands for purpose: "this shirt is specially made for cold", I just grew up using either terms upon the same meaning or idea.

      My suggestion is to apply Especial  or Especially when you are refering on an action that comes with outgoing attitude, for example: English Club is an especial place for me to make new friends"    

      Then, use Special or Specially to express a purpose: English Club is a special site to practise English.

      Good Luck!

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