• hello,I'd like to join us in class. you can send a message about it

  • skype

  • Madam I want to listen ur Skype class my skype I'd saragadamjagadeesh12 & my email I'd is
  • Skype : diwanfingga

    Email : diwanfingga(at)

    Can't wait to join the class

  • Madam I want to improve my English reading & speaking skills , I am willing to join your skype I'd is saragadamjagadees12 & my email I'd is saragadamjagadeesh028gmail
  • name is swamy. ..i would like to participate in your classes. ..hope you will add me. ..

    my skype id:: M.N.R.V SWAMY

    my mail id::

  • Hi, here is my skype ID, azeam.omer


  • sandy58884;;;;  skype id

  • E-mail

    Skype: sabrina.younis1

  • mY SKYPE IS  : sokar_hanem2

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