• Hi
    My birthday is March the 2nd.

    • Happy Birthday!


  • Hi Aija,

    My birthday falls on 22nd March :) 


  • I started a Discussion for September Babies! I hope you'll add your date there too, Aija. Maybe others will start discussions for their own months.

    • Well I also have a page with calendar for all birthdays :) So everyone can see them :)

  • Hi, everyone. My birthday is this Tuesday, December 18th =) I will be flying to Russia from Venezuela. This trip is a bday gift  I am giving to myself. So,I will be waiting for your messages =)

  • My Birthday is 17 June :)

  • Hi, Aija!

    Thanks for inviting :)

    My birthday is 18th September

  • Hi Aija! Thanks for inviting me to join in this club. My birthday is 9th of November.

    • thanks nhu :) 

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