January Babies

Hello Aija and everyone :)

Thanks for creating an interesting group, I love it ^^. By sharing our birthdays, we can make friends, receiving wishes, but the most important thing is that we will not feel lonely when someone remembers the day we were born and also want the good things to us... Love it ^^

However, I think we should add our birthdays in specific month (like Tara used to do in September), so that we are easier to follow up, and do not skip any birthdays. That's my own opinion, please give me your idea to do it effectively. Thanks Aija :>


1/1: Jeocanda 

14/1: Smiley Rose (^^ it's me ^^)

Thanks for reading and hope to get your replies soon.

Happy new year everyone

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  • Happy birthday, January babies! Who else was born in January?

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