• Hello Dear Aija :)

    Here in Iran, we celebrate our birthday with cake, candle on cake which refers to our age, presents, music, etc.


    I think it is common most of the world in this way :)

    Maybe making this discussion smaller to some parts like, cake, music, etc will help me to answer it easier.

    If you let me, I like to add a new discussion about music in our group :)

  • In Canada, kids have birthday parties with their family members and friends. Sometimes it's not on the actual date, but on the closest Saturday or Sunday. Everyone brings presents and the parents plan some sort of theme or activity. Last year we had a soccer party for my son and a "Crazy 8" party for my daughter.Many kids bring cupcakes or treats to school to share with their classmates on their birthday. Personally, I always wear red on my birthday. :) This is just a personal tradition. I look forward to hearing about other birthday traditions! 

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