Muslims and Couple

Assalam Alaikum sisters!

What do you think about couple? a relationship between a boy and a girl before marriage. this is quite a hot topic in my country. some goes with it but some against it. 

So, may i know your views sisters?

Please do share your thoughts! 

Thanks ^_^

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  • Peace be upon you Be Happy!

    First of all thanks for joining my discussion and second of all sorry for the late reply!

    Yes, indeed Allah forbids Muslims from having a non-marriage relationship aka couple. From your comment i can conclude that you disagree with this no matter how pure the relationship is. I had mentioned above that  I was confused with this problem since I watched some of my friends who are religious, but yet are involved in this issue. They intend to marry each other but due to their status as a student, they have to finish their studies first and yet they can't let go of their partner. This is the dilemma of most of my friends.

    By the way, I like your last sentence! "its so beautiful to let one guy in your life, it would be special'..indeed my friend..indeed.. but once he is 'in' then it would be difficult to let them out from your life and therefore may that moment come when both of us are ready for marriage. so that there will be no issue of 'couple'..haha ^_^

    Peace my Dear ^^

  • HI sisters .. i am a brother :D

    this is  a great case .. but what makes that wrong is the JERK boys who do not understand how to be a real relationship or friendship .. they abuse the friendship .. or if a relationship they do not go with their promises and love .. i mean unfaithful .. but not all of them ^_^

    any relationship should be known by the family and i like your "" they help reminds each others about their duties as a Muslim "

    i courage the respect relationship which will end by a marriage ..

    i am with the pure friendship .. with no aims with no any bad ideas .. just the work or study or the life  itself .. u talk the mind not the body.

    i hope you accept my modest intervention. :)

    • Hello and Salam to you brother! 

      Thanks for your comment. In this modern day, it would be difficult to find a sincere and faithful guy, ain't it?haha.. but I hope that my friends' partners are trustworthy guys and they'll keep their promises of marrying my friends. tell you what, this couple issue is a new pattern and has become a phenomenon in my country.

      I don't think its easy for them to separate from their partners and the only way out is marriage. but the problem is that their parents are against the marriage, not untill they finished their studies. But imagine if it took them 3 years to complete it, wouldn't it be a problem? ironically , this will or might be a reason for them to involve in ZINA. What makes it worst is when the ladies got pregnant and dumping the babies. Yes this is true, baby dumping is one of most serious issues in my country. almost every week it is reported in the news about baby dumping.. so sad and so bad..

      Anyway, you views and opinions are always welcome brother!

      Peace ^_^

  • Dear Student and Amal Hope,

    the reason they do not marry is because most of them are students and here in Malaysia, most of parents have this view that it wouldn't be good for students to get married during studies due to financial problems, lack of experience and maturity and etc etc. not all of parents think like that but majority of them do think so. so, i believe that one of the reason for couple issues, is that they are serious, but they cant do anything since the parents are against their intention for marriage (this is only in certain cases).

    i am not sure why some scholars agreed with this issue. sorry i cant explain more about it. :(

  • I do agree with sis amal hope forever,How scholars agree on such relationship.STRANGE

    Due to the nature of human being, if a man and woman are alone, even if they are pious and have good intentions, Shaytan and Nafs (bad desires) may overpower them.  If the conditions of Nikah are not fulfilled, continued love relationship between a male and female may lead to sins and problems among families.  There are limits in Islam regarding love relationships before marriage.  A Non-Mahram man and woman seeing each other and talking with lust and desires are not allowed, touching a Non-Mahram with lust and desires is forbidden.

    Due to the influence of Shaytan and Nafs (bad desires), sometimes a man takes advantage of deceiving an innocent woman with a pre-marriage relationship, but does not have the real intention for a marriage.  Such a person would make excuses later and would never arrange a marriage with the same woman.   Our sister must not be deceived by the apparent love and care shown by a strange man since he may not be sincere to her, but was just looking for an opportunity to satisfy his bad desires.  Such relationship may lead to big sins and may bring disasters in this life and hereafter.  May Allah protect everyone in the Ummah from this trap of Shaitan!

    Also, in this situation, our sister should not be deceived even if the man prays 5 times a day and observes fasting– it is still not allowed for a strange woman to sit with him alone.  The act of sitting alone with non-Mahram is against Islamic practices and this man, however religious in other acts, is not following the command of Allah regarding Hijab and dignity of woman. This very act of getting closer to non-Mahram was not allowed, whether he was a ‘good boy’ or ‘bad boy’! Both the man and woman, should make Taubah, stop meeting alone, and engage their parents or elders if they are sincere in getting married.

    LINK:What is said in the Muslim Prayer

    This is the beauty of religion islam ,it not guide us on right path but also prevent us from doing wrong

  • Dear messy!

       What you are saying is quite strange & does not sound sweet at all.Please explain more about this idea of the couple,I have never heard about something like this before.What is the difference between ordinary love relation_ ship  & this shocking idea of the couple? Why do not they marry?How come that scholars agree on such a relation?!!!

  • Sis messy Still you are confuse

     should  I write more on this  topic :P

  • Dear Student and Amal Hope Forever,

    Yes, Islam never allows relationship before marriage. but, in my country, some of the scholars agree with this trend, on condition that it ain't in contrast with Islamic law, for example, they can couple as long as they don't meet with each others alone (must be accompanied) and etc etc.

    i have friends who are religious, always going to Masjid, has a very good relationship with Allah, but also have boyfriends. some of them involve in a long distance relationship. their partner are also a religious man. they help reminds each others about their duties as a Muslim, and sometimes the guy will call my friends to wake her up and pray at night.

    this sounds sweet and i am confused about it. 

  • thanks FA for accepting my invitation.

    yeah, most of the Islamic countries have this issue..some against and some favors it. but i don't think co-education is the reason of it. we had adopted this system many many years ago, and it ain't a problem back then. (i mean in my country)

    Anyway, thanks for dropping by ^_^

  •  Wa alaikum assalam wa ramatulah wa barakatuh

      First this is not a matter of opinion sister messy.We ,as Muslims, have shareah (Allah commands) to follow, the moment we have a certain ,clear order then we, as good Muslims, have to obey .Allah has forbidden any relationship between man & woman rather than marriage.Allah says addressing believers in Surat al Isra(the Night Journey):"And do not come near to adultery,surely it has been an obscenity and odious as a way."

    some of the scholars when they tried to explain this Ayah or verse said that Allah did not ordered us not to commit adultery but he instead ordered us not to come near it.That is to say ,we have to keep away very far from its primary actions like friendship between males & females.

      Secondly,as we go far from our religion there is always what should not have happened like the matter you are discussing ,namely couple issue.I am totally against it .We (in Egypt) have a lot of this corrupt relation .But the moment  this relation happened ,the Islamic solution for this couple is to hasten to marry.       


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