Dears how do you find mixed chat i.e, men chatting with women ?Is this appropriate in Islam? Do you think this may lead to seduction or (fitnah) or mutual love? waiting for your answers & if you know personal examples do not forget to support your answers with please 

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  • I agree there is great chance of fitnah. So, it isn't appropriate.
  • I have to say this is funniest topic I have ever read :D 

    You remind me of taliban :D

  • In Islam it is rightout porhibitted without any if and but.  This is the decision of Allah, Who is OMNISCIENT.  

  • This  topic is out of discussion. There is no if and buts for intermingling of opposite sexes in Islam. It is right out prohibited. By discussion it seems we are trying to find some if and buts.  How can we claim to be wiser than ALLAH (Aql-e-kul-----the OMNISCIENT).  HE, has restricted us from doing some actions, and this is this, no need of any discussion.

    • @ Mishaikh I am not discussing Allah's commands and trying to bush around to find a justification for breaking them  ,I am rather discussing the consequences of mixed chat ;Fitnah.


    • My dear, consequences are all over in life,  they are full of miseries.  Its attractive, being a man I have experience the desire to have chat with opposite sex, but mere desiring can not make it POSITIVE, there are ample chances to get stray.  

      But I appreciate your effort to put this discussion forward to abreast the people of the facts.  Congratulations.

    • @Mishaikh, being a member in my group, I beg your pardon to raise important discussions and more issues regarding Muslim women to activate the group.

  • Assalamualykum

    A muslim girl or boy have to maintain  Hijab ,so according to my knowledge Hijab means not only cover yourself outside ,but also keep yourself (your personality, your voice etc)away from opposite gender(except 14 person) ,So that the opposite gender can't feel any attraction for you .

    Its so natural if we chat with opposite gender it may create one kind of fascination that may lead to a wrong way.

    • I totally agree with you ,but could you please explain what do mean by "14 person "?

    • There are 14 women mentioned in the glorious Quran with whom marriage is restricted (Haraam) for a man, hence they're called as 'Muhrim'. They rest are allowed to marry and they're called as Gaire Muhrim, means without restriction.

      (Please click the word Quran to see who are those 14 women)

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