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Hot This Week

Okey Folks! Let's try this thing. I want you to pick a music video that is very known in your country or internationally. Share it here, make a cover and comment. It is like throwing point of views or reactions to that music video. If you can transla

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Sound Bites

Welcome to Sound Bites! Your portal to the music world.


                                        Some of the great singers of music industry

This is an avenue where you can post a news (in English) about your favorite musicians/bands, their upcoming alb

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What song best describes YOU?

Music is use in different ways. Music can reach people. It can help them feel strong, happy and get them through something. It makes  life meaningful, a reflection of their lives and more of self-expression. You can post your favourite music video or

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Music Has It!

Music is a fun way to learn English. Singing a song makes a good-vocabulary building activity and improves pronunciation skill( check KARAOKE GROUP). In addition,  Music lyric provides us grammar, reading enhancement, comprehension, vocabulary, idiom

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Music Challenge YOU

Are you brave enough to act like a DJ or VJ? Then, what are you waiting for? Record an audio or video and post it here. Say anything about music. It would be great if you put transcription of the video or audio. Build your confidence, encourage and m

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Top Of The Top

I'll be giving Top Ten Hit Songs every week. Tell me if its worth recommending to be at their spot. You can also put your country's Top Hit Songs but be sure it has English lyric for the video. Give us the link for every song you have.

By doing so, it

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#Music Chat

We will be having a music chat every week most probably in weekend or every month at the time agreed. I am most available on Friday, Saturday and Sunday in evening (9pm) at my time zone. You can suggest on which day and time you are available. I'll b

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