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This is an avenue where you can post a news (in English) about your favorite musicians/bands, their upcoming album, and anything related to music biz. This is a nice place to brodcast entertaining stories from singers around the globe, and to inform EC music lovers on latest trends. We can exchange ideas and information about the news that could be written on this page.

Make sure that you get your article/s from a reliable source. Please do not plagiarize!

Learn who is making a buzz in the music world. So, c'mon share your news. Let's see what's in and what's not.

Let's learn English through music, as what our DJ Miley said......... : )

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  • Hi MyEC friends!
       How are you all doing? I would like to share a video about our new singing sensation on MyEC. What can you say about his rendition of Stand By Me?

    Here's his direct link.

  • Next week will be the Final of American Idol Season 11. Who do you think gonna win? Is it Phillip Phillips or Jessica Sanchez? This is really tough, both of them are great performers. 

    Breaking News:

    Donna Summer, Queen of Disco died at the age of 63. The Dancing Queen known for her famous songs such as Love to Love You Baby, Last Dance, I feel Love and the Karaokes' most requested songs HOT STUFF loses cancer battle. Condolences to her family.

    • Hi DJ Miley,

        Thank you for the information! Yes, R.I.P. to Donna Summer.

        The AI had chosen Philip Philips. According to news reports a lot of people around the world were disappointed because of the result. Maybe the title wasn't meant for Jessica. But the good news is that, she'll be having a lot of projects waiting for her. Did I hear it right, she has offered to sign a recording contract by Tommy Mottola? Looks like she's having abundant blessings on the way......

        And yes, she is now called World Idol! 

        Hope you'll have a wonderful time....

      Best wishes,


  • Here's the video:

    • Hi DJ Miley,

        Great job! You're like a pro? I enjoyed listening to your recording. I like your accent. Do you love listening to FM music? I fond listening to Mellow 94.7 if I have spare time. The DJs are English speaking. Hmmmm.....How about Love Radio?

        Thank you for sharing your recording! Keep up the good work. By the way, Justine's new album is totally different from the previous ones. He's growing too fast, so as the tone of his voice. 

        Have a great weekend!


      Robbie : )

    • PRO? Are you kidding me? But thanks you enjoyed listening to my news recording and you liked my accent. I seldom listen to radio  Mellow FM station but you nailed it I like Love radio especially at night when Papa Jack is already on air talking about problems in love life hahahahaha. I bet you know MYX, I never skip watching it. Not that I want to be a video jockey :) it's just so great to keep in touch and updated to MUSIC eventhough VJ's there are kapamilya stars. They are cool and smart anyway.

      JB is totally different now. It's part of his growing up and it would be better for him to change the type of melody of his music. I can't deny it yeah he is getting gorgeous. 

      Have a great weekend too!


    • Hi DJ Miley,

      You're welcome! I haven't seen MYX for a long time. I think, it's better to watch VJ's hosting performances since we can emulate them on how they speak, the way they exude confidence and charisma.

      You listen to Love Radio, too. I usually hear it while commuting. I guess, it's cab drivers' favorite. See you then.


  • The latest scoop on American Idol Season 11. I got this story in Google News. Happy reading!: )

  • Are you an American Idol fanatic? Here's the latest scoop of AI's finalists. Hope you like it. : )

    • Yeah, I am American Idol fanatic. Thanks God, Jessica is still on AI journey making her on top 4. Hope she will get the title as American Idol for season 11 and that Hollie will be eliminated (grrrr). Sorry Hollie..PEACE!

      Hey Rob and others who have this passion to watch reality singing shows try to watch AI, tHE VOICE and this upcoming X factor. Surely, you will love it. Wish to be one of the contestants hehehehe. 

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