Kony 2012

Do you know a man named Joseph Kony? He is the leader of rebellion army called Lord Resistance Army (LRA) in Uganda, Africa. But contrary with its name, the army has rebelled against humanity of several countries including Congo, South Sudan, and Sudan.

This film is a documentary film made by 3 filmmakers, tells about the children being abducted and turned into child soldiers by Joseph Kony and his Lord's Resistance Army (LRA). Out of fear of being abducted, the children of Uganda would walk miles every night to places of refuge in order to avoid the LRA. This film follows a group of these children and tells their stories.

Directed by: Jason Russel, Boby Bailey, Laren Poole

Music by: Nathan Lanier

Release date : 2006

Duration : 55 minute

Country : United States

Language: English

And I'd like to share the the movie from you tube about the effort of Invisible Children group, that spread over the world, to end the rebellion of LRA and save the children in Uganda, help the children to face a better life and give hope for each of them. 

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