All kinds of movies horror, romantic, animation, action, short stories, novels, plays and so on.
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Hey dear friends. This group dedicated only for the movies and the literary works.

I would like to thank you for joining(your) group!. Please pay your attention to these simple rules.
1. Please write the genre (kind) of the movie.

2. write the summery of the film.

3. If possible write the main actors and actress in the film.

4. If you would like to write your comment and controversial question on the film.

5. The main target beyond establishing this group is to raise a discussion, enable you to write english in one whole unit and specificed story, to find out a new topics to talk about because the filmes are inspired from the real life.

Note: you can talk about a novel, a play, a short story, or any thing that you have read or happened to you, because some of the films are taken from a myth, novel, play, or other.


I am glad that you join this group
Jamal Al-Qhaiwi

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  • My Skype Id is: mangesh04082013
  • Thank you Ramona for inviting to join this group.
  • it's nice to join this group. I like watching films and commenting on films very much. Now I have chance to express what I think about the films here and share with you guys.
  • i like watching movie so so much. it`s just my hobby. thank you a lot Ramona for inviting me in amazing group.
  • Hi Ramona,

    Thanks for invitation, and  share with us such a great blog.


  • Thank you for an invitation. I really like this group because watching movie is a thing that I enjoy most :D
  • Hi Jamal,

    Respect to your creavity, I wish, its existence will be constantly,

    it's compelling us to comprehend the movie literature.

    Movies are real life and story that present us an opportunity for being in a true life with our engish skill. Thanks,

  • Thanks Ramona for inviting in this great group!!!!
  • Hello Ramona

    Thank you for inviting me in to this wonderful group


  • I attribute the credit for letting me join such a nice group to my dear friend Ramona .. thanks Ramona. :)

    And thanks for making such a nice group too ;)

    let me inaugurate my first contribution here with this site 

    you are going to love it people 

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Kony 2012

Do you know a man named Joseph Kony? He is the leader of rebellion army called Lord Resistance Army (LRA) in Uganda, Africa. But contrary with its name, the army has rebelled against humanity of several countries including Congo, South Sudan, and Sudan.This film is a documentary film made by 3 filmmakers, tells about the children being abducted and turned into child soldiers by Joseph Kony and his Lord's Resistance Army (LRA). Out of fear of being abducted, the children of Uganda would walk…

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Yes Man

Dear All,  what if you have been imposed to say yes for the life for seven times?! yes it happened with jimm Carrey. it was a lovely film and awesome!. I remember i watched that film with my 2 friends. one of them is a British and the second is Jordanian.we went to cinema and watched it together. we laughed till our hearts exploded! yeah jim carrey throughout his movies tease  and provoke the feelings of humor.  have you watched it or not? if you have not yet. so, you missed a great…

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