Have you ever thought about  "how to" learn this challenging part of English like me ? !!

It always scared me that's why I couldn't take an efficiently step until reading this article,

"to be sure of thing" is essential to me before getting started and that notes seems enough for providing a basis,

so it can be a good beginning after all,

good luck, Selma

for reading more, click " the text" please

it gives very useful perspective (at least for me) so then I thought it would be worth to share , I hope you join me,

*This paragraph was taken from my e-mail course note, I made it copy & paste because it is too long to write, sorry,

Using phrasal verbs when speaking and writing

Phrasal verbs are very common in informal language. This includes e-mails, journals, friendly letters, and everyday conversations.

It is not as acceptable to use phrasal verbs in formal language, such as a speech, business letter, essay, or technical writing. You should avoid using phrasal verbs in formal language.

Here are a few common phrasal verbs and possible formal verb choices. A sentence is included with each phrasal verb to show the context.
  • check out (He is going to check out the room.) => investigate, examine, inspect
  • get away with (The thief is going to get away with  the crime.) => avoid punishment, escape
  • fix up (I am going to fix up a room for our guest.) => organize, arrange
  • pick on (Don't pick on your brother.) => tease, bother, annoy, irritate
  • turned down (She turned him down for a date.) => rejected

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  • that video ( added by Anastasia ) has a smart tip for understanding entirely,

    as always "verb" and "noun phrase" is very important "base phrase markers" such as;

    -verb + preposition= phrasal verb  or

    -noun phrase + preposition= preposition makes impact the nouns

    thanks again Anastasia,

  • Thanks a lot, this post help me through my learning

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WHwxdtT302I 

      I  hope  this  link  will  help  everybody  who's  interested  to practice  this  part  of  Englih grammar.

       Here's  another  useful  lesson  on  the  same issue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_S_UR44M6U&list=TLo-czj-Fk3bniI...

    • Hi Anastasia

      Really thank you for your contribution,

      and Anderstood,

      I am glad to hear that and thank you for leaving the comment.

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