This is a group for everyone, who loves Siberia and who is, thus, interested in learning more about this land of legends in Russia.
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  • whooohooooo! Siberia, the land of ringing cedars!

  • Hi Hardy, could you tell us your..."Even here in Estonia there's some old legends about some forests where you will get cursed, if you cut some tree there...story? It could be splendid.


  • Is not Siberia as our life? A place where you can go to nowhere or having the aim make your own way. It brings you the delightful opportunity to know the vast spaces, but if you are afraid or tired, you don't have got the impressions of the place - the place? Is siberia A place? or, is it a lot of places? What could you tell us, Marco?
  • Hello all!

    Is not marvelous? If I can do a long voyage where I want to go? yes, yes.

    Why? From my childhood I was attracted by this vast, huge, unknowledge, monumental, wide,..., piece of earth. The horizon always far, and further when you get it.

    The cold, the solitude,..., a place where you can pray thanks for a new day.

    I saw long time ago a film titled "Siberiada" in my country, but I don't know the original name, incredible.

    hehehe, of course I'm from the tropic.

    Hope I can learn and know anything about Siberia.


  • Though I never had been in Siberia, I belive trolls and dragons inhabit Siberia.
  • siberia...very far place to my tropical srilanka
    thankyou for this forum as an very interested to know about Siberia
  • Is this group also in hibernation. I understand very well that it's winter and and the Siberia obeys to Russian law where the president is a bear, but... but... I'm not sleepy. Oh no. nooo!! I don't want to wake up the bear.. LOL

    I think I miscalculated, with that question I asked. There probably aren't that kind of stories in Siberia. People are too rational I guess, and telling silly stories about trolls, dragons and earth spirits is probably more sailors thing. :) Well in Siberia, I think, that maybe men are good about fisher men stories instead... Like: I catch a fish whose eyes was soooooo big. Or I killed a huge bear bare handed.

    Anyway, forget that silly question of mine.. I actually didn't hope for a answer. I just wanted to get free of drowsiness, but didn't find anything better to talk.. So just told what ever come to mind. :)
  • Hardi,
    I fully understand you now. I will have to investigate about it to be able to give a good answer to this VERY GOOD question!
  • Well anything. There's a lot of wast land in Siberia so if a person stays a lone in such place, he might start to feel the presence of things that he can't feel in anywhere else.

    And. There's probably still many villages far away from civilization(No electricity, Internet etc.) So, if people can't watch TV. Don't play games in Internet, then I think they will tell more interesting stories, than the people in big city. They might have interesting imagination that is not affected by things from tv.
    Well yes, I see my stupidity in this question. People from those villages can't post here, since they can't access Internet from there. :D

    Well I really didn't mean anything specific. I just thought how I would feel, if I were there in middle of big land and there's no one around, absolutely alone, just forest, mountains....

    No why the spits should be dark. They can be good, helping people. I didn't mean dark.

    Ghosts are not so interesting. Ghost stories can be found everywhere, but some supernatural things that can't be explained, do exists in these places like mountains, very old untouched forests... I'm sure of it.

    Even here in Estonia there's some old legends about some forests where you will get cursed, if you cut some tree there.. Well I think the legends in Siberia are probably different, because there's less population, so there probably isn't trees that curse people, More likely there are trees talking stories, about weird people that their grand-grandfather once met, instead of people talk about trees. :D But there must be many interesting legends. :)
  • Hardi, what do you really mean by spirits? I am interested, too. Perhaps, you read some legends or fairy tales! Share your ideas with us, please!
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