It's a group which is created for practising English. We can use simple ways to improve our language.

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welcome my dear friends.... Share with us here..

Hello Scraps

Thanks ...Your friend Emi.<<>

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    • hi bro.. sure we can practice it together.. this is my skype id : bayuputra2014

      my name is bayu and i'm from Indonesia. Nice to meet you here.. :)
  • Hi there! I'm Johny from Argentina. I'm an English tutor and a graphic designer. I would love to meet new friends on Skype and I can help you out with your language skills. Add me and we can start practicing English together or just have interesting conversations. my Skype Id is doodle.bunny
    • I want you to teach me graphic
      Don't mind but we have so many people here to practice english..but teaching technical skills are very rare.
    • Hi Johny! I'm too from Argentina.
    • my skype is bayuputra2014
    • Hey! Johny, can you please share your skype name, I am not able to find you.
      or you can get me at live:kshitijraut25011999
    • I'm interested! Please add me. My Skype ID: milonhr
  • i don't have skype what can i do??
    • Hi, Gehad! Skype is a FREE app. You can download it from the Internet for computer and laptop or from Play Store for mobile phone.
  • Hello!!
    Is there somebody interested in speaking?!!
    Let me know....
    My skype account... Marco789 marco
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Why is everyone looking for partner

Everyone is looking for partner but how can someone find english partner if everyone is repeating the same question? all are here to improve their english proficeincy but don't know how to improve it. Same questions trending on every group that everyone is looking for partner please add me...can anyone tell me how does it works..?Skype: live:.cid.a9fafde524b48229

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گروه اسپیکینگ آیلتس در واتس اپ

این گروه برای تقویت اسپیکینگ متقاضیان شرکت در آزمون های انگلیسی به ویژه آیلتس ساخته شده است.  البته همه کسانی که قصد تقویت اسپیکینگ خود را دارند می توانند در این گروه عضو شوند و بصورت دو به دو یا گروهی جلساتی را برای تمرین اسپیکینگ تشکیل دهندلینک گروه

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