• I think that motion of wikileaks never stopping, because we cann't now where the source of wikileaks to share  secrer information. So, nobody cann't stop spreading information from wikileaks.
  • In my view ,it depends on how the screts are dangerous that maybe harm others ,but we have the right to know about things that oneday willbe discovered ,so wikileaks is just a tool that makes these things happen faster
  •  I really admire the Wikileak founder. He changed the way of everyone often looking at governments, politic, ext. Damned! The Governments are liars.Look! US, UK and its allies .... they said something to us and said something different to others at other places.

    I wish i have a lot of money so I can donate to Wikileaks


    In my opinion Wikileaks should continue its work, because this is the history of the world. This is our right to aware that how powerful countries dominate other countries.

    So keep it up Wikileaks.

  • Thank you all about this great replies what the advantages by  this secret instruments

  • Politics should be free from duplicity and untruthfulness. Our political leaders claiming to be role models should display a high degree of fairness in their political matters. They should be the bastion of sensitive and strategic interests of their nation. Wikileaks has lifted the veil from the dirty faces of politicians. In future they will at least think twice before opening up their hearts to foreign ambassadors.

  • if u r talking from political point of view,,those are secrets which aren't supposed to be published by any way,,but for me as just a citizen it will be great for me to know what happens and how our leaders are thinking or responded on different topics,,

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