Why is everyone looking for partner

Everyone is looking for partner but how can someone find english partner if everyone is repeating the same question? all are here to improve their english proficeincy but don't know how to improve it. Same questions trending on every group that everyone is looking for partner please add me...can anyone tell me how does it works..?

Skype: live:.cid.a9fafde524b48229

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  • https://join.skype.com/invite/p6eHicygLsga

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  • Hm...lol....let's take, for example, Rose Iris. I would be happy to have her as a speaking partner. Guess why? 

    I'll help you. Look at her activity here on EC.

    The more active you are....the more chances you have to gain the confidence of the members who find you an interesting person for such kind of activities. 

    Good luck ))))

    • Thank you for your precious commnet O.M as always you are here to help me out but  i have seen same questions everywhere that is the reason i have added this discussion

    • I see the reason for your discussion, Tabrez, in many threads....it is the same everywhere: a partner to learn/speak/interact. I tried to answer your question HOW IT WORKS )))) If my comment didn't answer it... let's wait, maybe someone else will participate in the discussion. But I am sure you will succeed. You are doing a good job. 

    • No doubt your answer is right O.M and thanks for motivating me.. :-)

  • Aap ka kiya haal hain Tabrez Alam jee? I hope to be one of your friends. Is it possible? Thanks.

    • Thanks for your comment Dara Yes, offcourse you are my friend

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