• yeah that is true I think same, hello 

  • This quote is true, but on the other side, one can get what she/he wants if she/he have the patience to wait and perseverance to make it come true, as they say....nothing is impossible in this world as long as we have positive mind.
  • Hi Sara,

    Very good topic: It is true!

    True, when is inevitable. However when we can not change things, we still have power to positively respond towards situation:

    1. No matter hard it is, I chose to respond positively so that things will be in my favor

    2. it the subconscious listening to my own thoughts that can create miracles.. always think I can try it...

    3. I will definitely try to best of my capabilities and leave the results to almighty..

    4. I would not chose words that show not-interested/lack of responsibility - i.e. I can not  I chose not to work hard because I am already focused on other things, I act smart by not trying to - these things are not meant to be tried.....

  • I not think so, because if you work hard and hard you get it

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