Skype Group "For Girls"

Hello everyone,
I'm Rana, Libyan girl!
I'm looking forward to make a group on Skype for Girls, to practice and improve our English all together!
So if you are interested write you Skype ID below and I will add you :)

Have a nice day everyone! (:

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  • I want to improve my speaking. My skype is ria-sudibyo, please add me :)

  • Dear Rana please add me to your group. My id is nishat.shapla.

  • Thanks, for your good initiative. I want to join your group and my skype ID is nishat.shapla.

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    • I added you, just check your skype! :)

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    • Doesn't work! Send me your username!

  • my id is vann.linda1

  • hi , my skype id : heba.kamal340 


    above link contain Female skypers 

    • Thankyou :)

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    • Send it to me in a private message :)

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