• hello everyone i would like to improve my level  please add me  my skype is olaahmed.ahmed

  • Lian3rd13231 pls accept me I'm so interested
  • thanks Rana for your great idea, my skype is momenas3. please, add me to your group

  • Rana said: momenas3

    Okay, send to me your ID in a message! :)
    Skype Group "For Girls"
    Hello everyone,I'm Rana, Libyan girl!I'm looking forward to make a group on Skype for Girls, to practice and improve our English all together!So if y…
  • I want learn English my skype zooz413
  • I know the post is a "little" old but...Should be very nice!

    If there's still a group or you girls are up to make a new one, here's my Skype ID: thamialves92

    Hope to see all of you there


  • Is the group still available?? I really interested to join :(

  • Hello there. I wonder if you still check this post out because it has been a year since it was posted. By the way, I need more female friends on Skype. Pls do add me in the group.

    My skype ID: faten.naseha2

    Thanks and have a nice day!

  • sounds great

  • i need to join

    but i am a boy


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