• Hi
    Welcome here in this group.
    And the best way to improve our English is to have partener to chat with. Thanks for this useful sharing.
    good Luck
  • Dear Souares Pablo
    I am really happy to be a "talking partner" of yours because I am looking for a partner to practice speaking English. My skype ID : kimquy_1203. Hope to see you soon
  • Its really nice to c everybody so passionately pursuin the same interest ...
    In fact, I even need two talkin partners .. who i can chat wid on skype or sumthin ... plz hit me bak, if anybdy's interested .. thx ..
  • Hello.. i am glad to chat with you.
    don't worry . we are all here to help each other
  • Hello,nice to meet you! I guess you are Italian, are you? It's cool to know many people from different countries, so excited to write some words here! my skype ID is fanny.liaoliao, when i am at work I use another ID fanny.c-ideamore
  • Hello, welcome to this group, hope you will enjoy chating with different people, I'm ready to chat with you.
    Good luck and best regards,
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