English Daily Topic on Skype !!!

I am Nguyen Thi Hoa Hue.My name is too long to read.So can call me Ms.Flower.i'm happy that.

I am one of person who feel Engish is very important nowaday.But i did try so much but i can't speak E faster and clearer.because i have no firend who can speak English good and clearly to hepl me.

So I make a topic with hoping that everybody can join and hepl  improving together.

if you agree with me,please give your Skype ID to me.
I will open a speaking English Group everyday with topic inday.

My Skype ID : girl_4eyes

Thanks for Reading.

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  • hi,i'm from india,my skype id:utham.bathoju

  • Hi, I like join this group for share and improve my english ,If do you agree, maybe you can add me .

    my skype : mario_ingen

  • my id=lkbte19

  • hello flower , I have liked your Idea , I want to practise with you , if you don't mind my skype ID is oussama9957 , and I want to know which time we will talk in GMT as you know there are diffrences in time between china and Africa

  • hi ms flower ad me on ur group saydalijon2014

  • hey ms. flower 

    i am having a lot of trouble in English too.

    add me in your group

    Skype I D : abhishek.bhadauria92

  • Hey my skype id:- Durg3sh

  • Hi i'm gayan and i like want to join your group too

  • Hello Ms.Flower. Greeting from kyaw.I'd like to be friend with you as a language partner to practise English especially speaking.If you can accept me please accept my skype request that already sent to you as -  kyaw139. Thank you!

  • skype id- ridoy.khan4

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