Let's read something together and then talk about it in the group. That way we will learn vocabulary and practice our language together!
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  • Hi My Skype id is kasuntharinda1989 .. Please send me request if any one willing to improve English.

  • Hello Teacher Ruth and the rest of the members , Thank you for letting me in , in this group.

  • hey everyone my self Pankaj from India. I want to develop my english and for the i need few good friends, if anyone is interested then He/she can send me friend request on my skype ID nirajsingh321.. thanks

  • Hello, I read the article about Royal Wedding and yes they have been massive and worldwide recognize. My mom said that she woke up at 5 a.m Colombia time to se how Charlie and Di got married. I do the same with William and Kate. My sister said that William use to be hotter but now he is getting bald. Kate looked so old, but she is pretty. This was an event.



    Well I think that the most difficult part of English, for me is the listening, because I`m accustomed to listen a very s l o w english when we speak with another spanish speakers, but when I hear a native english, they really speak fast and it`s very hard to get all those words and expressions they say..

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