Jeopardy: December Game

Hi, everyone! Let's strat our December game. 

Hope, you all remember the rules.

Here are our categories:

1. Culture/traditions/customs.

2. Literature/language.

3. Nature/animals/pets.

4. Science/engineering/technology.

5. Music/art/architecture.

6. History/philosophy.

7. Movies/theater/TV.

8. Gastronomy/cuisines.

9. Sports.

10. General knowledge.

11. Puzzles/numbers.

12. A Black Box.

Please, don't forget about the rules, especially the rule of 3 attempts.

Good luck!


Rose 2250

Roman 2950

Onee 1000

Muskan 3350

Oporazita 750

Mishaikh 400

Luci 600

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  • Congratulations, Muskan and Roman. Good job!!!!

  • Thank you Danny!!! :) Yes, Muskan is really smart!:)

  • Muskan... I don't want to take it...

    Anyway, thank you Muskan!

  • Yes he asked interesting questions and answered tough questions!! I also liked Rose's participation.. so let's agree for this:


    • HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! :DDDD Thank you, Muskan!!!!

      It is AMAZING!!! :D

      Happy New Year!

    • Hahaha! I agree! Happy New Year!

  • Dear Muskan, I agree because Roman was the best December player. His question about dust was the best last month. But you were great, too! So, you both are winners!

  • Thanks everyone for wishes but I feel just one of my answer took the victory from Roman, he played it great and I leave the podium for him : )) He is the true winner of December game. Happy New Year everyone and Congratulations Roman!!

  • Congratulations Muskan!!! :)

    Happy upcoming New Year Danny and Tanya!!! Let the new year be better than the previous one!

    Thank you!

  • Thanks a lot!

     Happy New Year and my best regards!

This reply was deleted.