Jeopardy: April Game

Let me start our April game.

Hope, you all remember the rules.

Here are our categories:

1. Culture/traditions/customs.

2. Literature/language.

3. Nature/animals/pets.

4. Science/engineering/technology.

5. Music/art/architecture.

6. History/philosophy.

7. Movies/theater/TV.

8. Gastronomy/cuisines.

9. Sports.

10. General knowledge.

11. Puzzles/numbers.

12. A Black Box.

Please, don't forget about the rules, especially the rule of 3 attempts.

Good luck!


Muskan 950.

Bet 950.

Marshaa 300.

Risty 150.

Mishaikh 150.

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  • Agree!

  • My dear friends, I think it is time to make a break.  Most of teacheres will be very busy in May. So, let's stop the game now. We will always be able to start it again. Agree?

  • of Coin flipping resulted in favor of Risty.  Risty you may be the next host
    Muskan said:

    Yesss Mishaikh you are right.. Answer is Blake hole and Event Horizon.. and winners are Risty and Mishaikh.. Now you both can flip a coin and decide who is going to host the next round..

  • bet said:

    I think misha have already given the answer of that half portion!anyway nice question, Muskan!

  • Is that event horizon?
  • You mean BLACKHOLE?

  • was not white bear lake city instead it was just white bear which is a  town or township......but I chose you as you were so close to say it is a city though in reality white bear is a town! okay ask your question, please!

  • Nope. But I think I should announce muskan as a winer as she mentioned whitebear lake as a town....though I meant whitebear....which is a muskan got....300 and now it is her turn.
  • a downtown store where you can shop?

  • a city of drug addict?

This reply was deleted.