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IELTS Speaking group on Whatsapp

Hi there

I've created a Whatsapp group for having two-by-two or group conversations and speaking practice sessions. I myself look for the IELTS speaking partners, so it would be a win-win situation if you join there, since you may also need some speak

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Skype female group ;)

Hi all girls! I decided to create skype female small talk group on skype to practise English skills, meet new cultures and people :) I know that a lot of girls prefer talk with other girls so if you want to join us (your english level doesn't matter!

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I'm looking for a sky partner.

Hi, i'm Nicky from Viet Nam. I'm looking for a partner who really want improve English.

My field is about education bussiness, i also like book, movie, music, food, something new,.,.. :) have new friends.

Hope someone add me. thankyou.

This is my Sky: N

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English teacher x English teacher

Hello everyone. My name´s Edjerson from Brazil. I´ve been working as an English teacher for 10 years but I don´t consider myself an expertise. It´s always time for learning something new meanly talking to people from different cultures. Well, if you

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hello all, wish you are doing well, I'm Ahmad from Palestine, 22 years old. I'm here to learn some English skills, so it would be nice if we learn together, by writing blogs, engaging in useful discussions and enjoying some English games. If you want

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1 Reply · Reply by Nandan Bujurke Sep 30, 2020