Hello guys,

here I am with the TASK 5. This time I have to post it via my phone because till Wednesday I am without laptop. Hope, I am able to manage it but for you, guys..everything :D

My thanks go to those of you who were brave and posted their records, killed their fear of talking. Well done and thank you for reading slowly ;)

By the way Hamza came up with an interesting idea. He suggested we should also record our comments. It means that instead of text message, there would be audio records in which we would comment other records. Do you agree?

However, high time to post the topic..


What's going to be today's topic? Hope you all are curious!! Well, I would like you to think properly because maybe it isn't so easy to answer my question. So please share with us: What do you like and dislike about your country?

Try to sum it up, write down some helpful points and record yourself. Of course you can write a blog on this topic and read it for us.


Here is the text for those of you who prefer reading and don't feel confident to speak.

First people in Europe

The oldest human footprints outside of Africa have been discovered in Britain, dating back around a million years.
They were found on a beach on the Norfolk coast and are direct evidence of the earliest known humans in Northern Europe.
“They’re without doubt the oldest human footprints in Europe and some of the oldest human footprints in the world, so they’re really incredibly important finds.”
The prints were first discovered in May last year during low tide. Storms and rough seas had eroded the sand at Happisburgh to reveal hollows resembling human footprints. They recorded the surface using photogrammetry, a technique which can stitch together digital photographs to create a permanent record and 3D image of the imprint.
The images and model were unveiled at a news conference at the British Museum in London.
“The spread of footprint size gives us an indication that we have children, a number of children and then probably some adults there with at least one, probably male.”
Discoveries of ancient man footprints are extremely rare. The Happisburgh ones are the only ones of this age in Europe. There are only three other sets that are older and they are in Africa.
Scientists now say the discovery will rewrite our understanding of human occupation of Britain and Europe.
“This suggests that these people indeed had greater capabilities than we thought to expand really to the edge of the inhabited world of that time.”

Difficult words: resemble (be similar to), stitch (put), unveil (show).

Here is the link of the website with the tex btw awesome website, check it!!!


So that's all and I am waiting and waiting for your records :) Don't be cowards and go for it, record yourself and join us!!!

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    There are between eight and ten million Armenians in the world.

    There are between 500,000 and one million Armenians in the United States.

    Armenia was the first country to be officially converted to Christianity.

    Armenian was the eleventh language to be printed on the moveable type press.

    The city of Yerevan (originally called Erebuni, now the capital of the Republic of Armenia) has been continuously inhabited for over 2,700 years. Only a few cities, which include Jerusalem and Damascus (the oldest such city), are older.Bye

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    Here is my record for Task 5, :)


  • Chandraaa, it is really great you helped Alexandr!!!

    I don´t know what´s wrong with my laptop but right now I have problem to click on reply on your comment, it doesn´t allow me to do so..
    Well, thanx for posting your record, great you joined us btw! As for your speaking, I have only one thing to tell..try to focus on the pronounciation of TH ... I looked up awesome video for you, so if you are interested, you can check it.
    Looking forward to your another one record!
    • Thank you, Luci !

  • Young and vibrant voice.  Very clear, Zorro! I hope you'll do your assignment soon...

  • Hello! My record for task 5 is there. Thank you!  https://audioboom.com/boos/2624447-about-my-country-what-i-like-and...

    • Alexandr, I can hardly hear anything. What is wrong - my audio system or your mic?

    • Well, next time I'll speak louder. Thank you !

    • Very faint.......in fact, inaudible!

    • It would be a waste when Alex have recorded it and it's inaudible..sorry Alex for not asking ur permission first..just being helpful..I just amplified ur record and reuploaded it..so it's audible now..here's the link..


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