Hello everyone,

this time I chose something I would say very easy and that's why there won't be any reading part. Ready?

Tell us, please, what can you see in the picture. Not just to describe the picture but also add what those people are talking about etc. Use your fantasy, sense of humour and try to be as much creative as it is possible.

Thank you all in advance for participating and for posting your awesome records ;-)

Picture was taken from website: http://englishonlinecenter.com/2011/11/likes-and-dislikes-in-english/

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  • Hey Luci here is my record, hope you'll enjoy this ;)


    • hello Luna,

      thanx for your post :-D I liked it and enjoyed the way you pretended talking like mom :D i will try to come up with new task asap ;-)

  • http://vocaroo.com/i/s1H3EyWIxb0Y

    thanks for this fun activity to practice my english.

    • Stephen,

      thanx for your post, your pronounciatino is really awesome, I have to agree with Lady!!! I will come up with new task asap if you are interested!

    • You did a great job Stephen.  I enjoyed listening to your nice diction.  You didn't even sound like an Indonesian.  Wow... very impressive indeed!   It would be nice to practise spoken English words with you, hihihi!

  • Hi everyone - Here's my record :)


    • Akash,

      thank you for posting your record :-D it was really good, I like it!!!! btw I m thinking again about this picture, I bet it is from 70"s :-D btw how come you don't have common Indian accent? You must have improved your spoken English with somebody ha?!!!

    • It was obvious Luci.  Maybe, he found his learning partner in skype already.  Poor ME!  :(

  • Lady Anne gave me an idea. Thank you. There is my record. And I'm sorry for the bad record. https://audioboom.com/boos/2859572-picture-1

    I'm sorry for my black humor. 

    • Aleksey, I can hardly hear your voice.  Maybe I have to use my headset.  Brb.

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