Hello everyone,

I was busy lately so finally I am here with the new TASK, which is going to be about GIFTS.


Try to record youself and share something about gifts :-) for instance:

1. If you like giving them or if it is everytime hard work for you to choose a gift for your friends or relatives.

2. Tell us if there are some traditions or special occasions on which you give gifts.

3. You also can tell us what was the last gift you recieved or how much money would you invest in buying a gift?

4. What do you do if you get a gift you dislike - do you pretend you are happy?

5. Is there anything in your country that wouldn't be acceptable as a gift?

6. What about wrapping the gifts? Do you prefer some special colors, can you do it or do you ask somebody to wrap the gift you bought?

These points are just some hints, you can talk about everything related to the gifts, it is up to you ;-)


Give gifting in China

. It is the proper etiquette for gifts to be exchanged for celebrations, as thanks for assistance and even as a sweetener for future favours. 
. It is however important not to give gifts in the absence of a good reason or a witness. 
. When the Chinese want to buy gifts it is not uncommon for them to ask what you would like.
. It would be wise to demonstrate an appreciation of Chinese culture by asking for items such as ink paintings or tea. 
. Business gifts are always reciprocated. Not to do so is bad etiquette.
. When giving gifts do not give cash. 
. Do not be too frugal with your choice of gift otherwise you will be seen as an 'iron rooster', i.e. getting a good gift out of you is like getting a feather out of an iron rooster. 
. Depending on the item, avoid giving one of something. Chinese philosophy stresses harmony and balance, so give in pairs.

Gift Giving Etiquette in Japan

. Gift-giving is a central part of Japanese business etiquette. 
. Bring a range of gifts for your trip so if you are presented with a gift you will be able to reciprocate. 
. The emphasis in Japanese business culture is on the act of gift-giving not the gift itself. 
. Expensive gifts are common. 
. The best time to present a gift is at the end of your visit. 
. A gift for an individual should be given in private. 
. If you are presenting a gift to a group of people have them all present. 
. The correct etiquette is to present/receive gifts with both hands. 
. Before accepting a gift it is polite to refuse at least once or twice before accepting. 
. Giving four or nine of anything is considered unlucky. Give in pairs if possible.

Gift Giving Etiquette in Saudi Arabia

. Gifts should only be given to the most intimate of friends.
. Gifts should be of the highest quality.
. Never buy gold or silk as a present for men.
. Silver is acceptable.
. Always give/receive gifts with the right hand.
. Saudis enjoy wearing scent - itr. The most popular is oud which can cost as much as £1000 an ounce.
. It is not bad etiquette to open gifts when received.

The source of this article: http://www.kwintessential.co.uk/cultural-services/articles/cross-cultural-gift-giving-etiquette.html

Thanx for posting your records.

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  • Finally I can upload my recording ^_^


  • Here is my record:


    • Name day is quite a new thing for me so I had to search on internet to know the meaning of that day.

      And you said you bought 20% of your gifts online? (I could not hear the number clearly)

      I agree that online shopping is interesting because you can do shopping in quiet hehe. I hate crowded shopping mall.

      Uhm, I had recored my talk but unable to upload because of damn slow internet T_T


       Here in Greece the gifts are given in special occasions like namedays , birthdays,wedding anniversaries,

    baby's birth,openning days,school achievements e.t.c.It's sometimes difficult to choose a gift for a person  because you must know the sex ,the personality , the age and the interests of the person to whom you

    are going to give the gift.Somebody sometimes cannot afford expensive presents but it  doesn't matter if you offer it with love and affection.

    I like giving and taking presents especially at Christmas or Easter holidays.

    I think that everybody deserves a gift because it  makes him or her feel happy.

    • Anastasia,

      thanx for telling us about greece and traditions but the purpose of this group is to records yourself and post it here.. so I will be happy if you record youself and we will be able to listen to your voice ;-)

  • this is my record and this is the list of the new word for me (proper etiquette/assistance/ink / cash/ frugal/rooster/range/emphasis/silk/scent)


    • fatma, thanx for your post but m unable to play it here even though I have windows 8.1, dont know what is wrong...

    • try this format Luci ;) 


    • It's great you dont have problem in choosing gifts. It's always by big confusion what to buy.

      You did great job Fatma, both speaking and recording ^_^

      However, pardon my poor listening skill, I could not hear the word after "wedding" (the part u talk about occasions to give gift) and the name of the gift your brother gave you.

    • Wedding ,success , new born ....

      The gift that i recieved was parfum 

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