TASK 1 - Let's introduce ourselves

Hello guys,


Since we all will work together, we should first of all introduce ourselves, which I personally consider the best start.

Dear members, your FIRST TASK will be to introduce yourself, to tell us something about you, be it private information or some general introduction - it is up to you.

I hope you will be not afraid of this task because in my opinion atmosphere of this group will be more friendly, if we know at least something about each other from the beginning.

As for this task I made one decission and I hope you will still like me - this time there won't be any text to read because I simply consider basic introduction the most important thing and everybody including the beginners should be able to say: "My name is...... , I am ...... years old and I live in ....., my hobbies are...  " etc. 

In case you would feel little bit lost, you can check these links :



Let me add that it is up to you - you can read the text you prepared or you can talk by heart. 

And the last but not least, I would be glad, if every new member would go through this task, so that we would get to know something about them, no matter if it is in two weeks or two months. 



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    • Anele,

      you know - discipline is must in here :-D Come on, I was just kidding, I hope that others will  join us too and will add soon their records - including you :-p

    • I am next to Ohnie...:)

  • Beautiful voice, Hro.  I bet you sound much better when you sing.  Just wasn't expecting your voice and accent to be this nice.  I'm in awe!  Now that's one "pogi" point for you from me.

  • Well, somebody must be the first one, even though I am little bit busy I was able to record myself :-) 

    Here is my record and I hope you will understand me :-)


    I also decided to add the script of my record so that these who aren´t able to get my words because of my accent would be able to understand me:

    My name is Lucie but people around me call me Luci or Lucka, actually if somebody calls me Lucie I find it offensive or I feel like they dislike me. Do believe it or not but people simply spoiled me since they have almost never called me by my original name. So if you want to be my friend – never call me Lucie !!!

    I was born in the same year when Elvis Presley died. So guys, do you think I am new Elvis after reincarnation? Not at all becase my singing skills are awful. It is up to you to look up how old I am.

    I come from the old continent  and the country I live in borders with Poland, Slovakia, Austria and Germany, so guys, check the maps or my profile to find out what  country I am talking about. I live in the third biggest city called Ostrava and I am proud of being one of its 300 thousand inhebitants.

    I am married and I have two kids – son Michal who will be five years old and my daughter Nataly will be in one month two years old.

    What about my job? Nowadays I dont work because I have to take care of my daughter but in one year she will start attending kindergarten so I will come back to work. Guys, I am so eager to start working because after these years with the kids I feel little bit antisocial but I would say it is problem of almost every mom. My field is law and I work as a notary assistant, I love my job and consider it very interesting, no stereotype at all.

    As for my hobbies: I love traveling, history – I like visiting castles or ruins of the castles, I am mountain lover, which is connected to my another hobby - hiking, I love photography and taking the pictures  and my newest hobby is  blogging as some of you could have noticed here on MY EC.

    I think I am open-minded and I like being in company of smart people with great sense of humour and if I should disclose one of my negative sides, ok let me show you that m not superiour as all of you think…so – I am impatient  I just want everything and immediately, I hate waiting, so don´t dare to test my patience and record yourself as soon as possible !

    • i have listened to your introduction it was great ,

      i hope you will understand mine and find it ok


    • Hi, friends. This is my first record to introduce myself.


    • very sweet voice :D

    • Alleeeennnn, 

      your English is awesomeeee !!! Thanx for introducing yourself!!! I love your sweet voice and hope you will go for the TASK 2 ! Thanx dear.

    • Here is my  First Recording guys  :) 


    • Hi Luzzi,

      i always hear ur voice: "don´t dare to test my patience and record yourself as soon as possible !" :)

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