do you love books? do you want to know more about books? do you want to discuss, recommend books for others, or even get books recommendation? then this is the ultimate place for you to be.
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  • Hello ,
    how are you all ?
    we have already have like this group called FRIENDGROUP
    It has the same idea , cares of books , with some difference , so WE can make agreement to join each other group and share our ideas , exchange our information , and all members in this group can join that group as well as staying here to be more active , reading books is more importent , and thoughtout it can improve our English , i'm so happy to join this group and really happy to find other members like reading such as : Abigail KG Sara
    thanks agian and good luck
  • To all members

    hi............every one im efraim, new comer in this club bay the way nice to meet you .
  • i like books
  • thanks for this great idea I really like it
    in the last month I was red abook (the secret)
    it is all about the law of attraction ... and how to attract any thing that you want or dream about to your live by thought that it it will be yours and think about it
    it is really exciting book ...
  • very good idea i like books so i am here
    nice to meet every one

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  • Hello!
    I am also grateful people who initiated this club! I could recommend a few boors which I have recently read.
    At first it is a book "Gun Seller" which written by H.Lori. It has a lots of excelent English humour and a nice plot. For lover of espionage novel.
    With best wishes to all members of this group!
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What do you do with your books after reading them ?

Hello friends,My bookshelf look pretty much like the ones on this picture and as a real books lover, i have great difficulty to get rid of all the books i have read. So for many years, i have kept them all over the house, now, it's so full (thousands of books) that i have to do something about this.Is it easy for you to give or to sale your old books or is it me who is just too vacantly attached to them ? Would be interesting to know how you feel about this !Forget-me-not

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